Cub Scout Pack 413

Cub Scout Pack 413 serves youth in kindergarten through fifth grades in the Boiling Springs community of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Our Pack has been proudly chartered with the Palmetto Council of the Boy Scouts of America by New Beginnings United Methodist Church since 2001.

About Scouting

Scouts do stuff. They build things. Play with purpose. Make friends and work together. Set goals and clear them. They go places. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. These life-changing experiences — and the confidence they provide — become bricks in the wall of childhood. Bricks that eventually form a foundation. Scouts learn to embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles. Our goal is to make sure young people are Prepared. For Life.®

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

A key aim of Scouting is developing character in young people. Our programs provide a moral compass to help prepare Scouts for life’s challenges.

Participating citizenship is crucial to a democracy. Scouting emphasizes a young person’s obligations to other people, to government, and to society as a whole.

Scouting programs foster the development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness in youth. Sound bodies and minds are critical to positive childhood development.

Scouting encourages youth to learn and practice leadership skills. Boy Scouts and Venturers have the opportunity to participate in both shared and total leadership situations. Understanding the concepts of leadership helps young people accept the leadership role of others and guides them toward the citizenship aim of Scouting.

“The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light.” -Baden Powell

Upcoming Events

View all pack events for 2018 and 2019 in our Cub Scout Pack 413 Calendar 2018-2019 document.

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“The real way to gain happiness is to help others find their happiness.”

Baden Powell, Founder of Scouting

I have never forgotten my days as an Eagle Scout. I didn’t know it at the time, but what really came out of my Scouting was learning how to lead and serve the community. It has come in handy in my career in government.

Lloyd Bentson, Secretary of US Treasury

Be Prepared… the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.

Baden Powell, Founder of Scouting

“The goodness of a person and of the society he or she lives in often comes down to very simple things and words found in the Scout Law. Every society depends on trust and loyalty, on courtesy and kindness, on bravery and reverence. These are the values of Scouting, and these are the values of Americans.”

President George W. Bush